David Denison | IA/MN/CA Attorney Applicant
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     The combination of my strong legal background, relevant experience, and interest in the law offers me the unique opportunity to make a positive contribution to your firm as an associate attorney. I have three years of experience working for Roxanne Conlin & Associates and I am a member of the bar in the states of Iowa, Minnesota, and California. With my personality, background, and experience, I know that I would be a welcome addition to your firm.

     During my three years of employment, I have developed a number of legal and other skills that will make a significant contribution to your firm as an associate. Some of the highlights of my background include:

  • Three years of experience working as an organized, productive, and valuable member in a law office setting;
  • Knowledge and training in performing legal research adeptly and efficiently; and
  • Skill in establishing a rapport with, counseling, and supporting clients through the legal process.

     The personal qualities I offer are the following:

  • Organization: I manage time well, meeting all goals and deadlines, in addition to attention to detail;
  • Flexibility: I adapt quickly to new challenges and situations, with a demonstrated ability to multitask effectively; and
  • Personality: I am a dedicated, hard-working, team player who is eager to learn.

     In addition, I believe that my eight years of experience in information technology can benefit your firm in numerous ways:

  • Familiarity with computer systems and data making the technological hurdles of e-discovery less intimidating;
  • Preparing visual aids and courtroom technologies for juries, witnesses, experts, and clients; and
  • Save the firm IT expenses with knowledgeable computer support skills.

     I have excellent research, writing, and analytical skills, and my practical legal experience coupled with my academic achievements will allow me to make an immediate contribution to your firm.